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Disco Length


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San Diego
Just installed the JKS quicker discos. I have a 4.5" Rusty's lift and ACOS set at the minium, so about 5.75" of lift. About what length should the discos be to ensure the best set up for on road driving?

Also, it seems that my front end is somewhat lower than about two weeks ago. I went wheeling last weekend, nothing serious, and now it seems my 33"s rub a good bit more around town. In general, my XJ used to be a bit taller than me (I'm 5'11") and now it seems to be about an inch or so lower. Could this be because my discos are too short?

Thanks for any tips.

I'm thinking the bottom surface of the mounting hole at the end of the swaybar should be even with the center of the frame mount bush. This would put your effective lever arm close to horizontal at static ride height. Set the arm their and then measure to the center of the lower (axle) mount. That would be your disco length.

The sway bar and links shouldn't have anything to do with the lift height.
Set them so the sway bar sits like this (JKS):