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Death at Reiter Trails


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Strange story. Cross post from this thread on NWW. http://www.nw-wheelers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15885

Paulie said:
Me and Jeepngurl, Nike. were up at reiter cruising after hours. Around 3-3:30 am me and Nike come into the third pit, come around that corner before we hit the creek. come to find a kid tucked in a white shirt, kneeled in middle of the trail. we paused and kept the lights on what we thought was a propane tank with black cover over it. This is where the story gets weird. The kid pops up and starts walking towards us, comes and talks to us. he was ditched out by some friends. While talking to this kid a older hard ass cowboy rolls up in a tan stock 86ish ford bronco. guy was hammered drinking jack and coke. so we bullshit for alittle to see what they had going on. while talking to the kid somewhere in the conversation the kid that we found in the middle of the trail is asking for a ride back to town. cowboy in the bronco says jump in my rig and get warm we will figure out something for this kid. anyways so cowboy is talking to nike im setting listening. cowboy invites us to chill at his camp, 100 yards away from the pavement. so we said okay. me and nike both got a weird vibe from both guys, you know when your gut hurts and something doesnt seem right. you fallow your gut. . so we turned around and met dude back at his camp. the cowboy and kid are in the bronco, windows fogged up and shuffling inside the rig. kinda like fighting around inside. me and nike look at each other and said fuck this, really bad vibe and wasnt about to stick around much longer. we bail out. this morning meeting a few whores we had a sheriff roll by and asked for some help. Older gentleman driving a tan ford bronco somehow went wheelin and got his rig high centered on a rock up in the sand hills, driver is missing and last person that saw him said he had a few full bottles on JD and was really drunk headed out in the woods. driver cant be found a huge search party is going on, sheriff is asking wheelers for help. so everybody kept there eye out, never saw anything all day. third pit was swamped with police and serach/rescue teams. I come home 15 mins ago to walk in the door looking at my TV of a man found dead up at reiter. This is one of the scariest things i have ever happened to me being that close and not a long of a time frame. People be safe out there and wheel in groups. dont be stupid and wheel alone. this is a eye opener for some that like to wander.
Cliff's notes:

Guy and his buddy are wheeling. Run into a strange scenario and odd circumstances. The following day there's a gentleman missing matching the description of one of the strange characters they met the day before.

At least that's what I *thought* I got out of that odd-ass story...
I got, some lonely kid with a propane tank, sad on the trail, meets 2 dudes. A drunk cowboy rolls up in a Bronco. Kid with propane tank gets in, and kills drunk cowboy after scuffle. The 2 dudes dip out, too crazy for them. One of the dudes finds out drunk cowboy is missing from the news.


Either way, that is some strange sh!t and a terrible loss for a family.
i dont think there was a propane tank. just a kid that looked like a propane tank. so i think the APB should read Small mammal shaped like propane tank kills cowboy steals horse.
I havn't read the story in the paper, but either way that is never a good deal for us and wheeling and Reiter Trails!!

I wish people would quit drinking and driving!!!

I read the NWW thread, sounds like maybe they found the kid dead in a car at the bottom of a cliff and the cowboy is missing ? I dont know, supposidly king 5 had a thing on their 10 pm news, so I guess I'll go see if they replay it at 11. Weird and depending on how it plays out, scary.
KarlVP said:
Just reporting what I watched on King 5 news.

They said a man was found dead in his truck after phoning a friend for help.

Sounds like mr drinkypoo made a wrong turn.

Yup, saw the report too.
Sounds like they found the body under the power lines.
alexer03 said:
i was tired and i clicked on his and notin happened. o and just read this story bout the sheriffs wanting to get 2 bikes to patrol reiter
Yeah, that's quite the story there, Skippy! Thanks for sharing. :laugh3: :)

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