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D30 inner axle swap


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I am pretty sure this has been covered before and I am too lazy to search for it!

I have an 87 XJ with the d30 vacuum disco axles! What I am wondering is if I can swap in a standard non disco set of axles from a 96 XJ w/ the larger u-joints! If this is possible will the right side inner seal work with this swap? Will I have to install a late model seal or is there another alternative? Any help would be appreciated!

Or should I just swap in a late model non disco D30?

Ok I just went threw this with a buddies jeep... You can remove the disco shaft on the right and swap with a one piece shaft. You will need to remove the carrier and install a seal in the pass side tube behind the carrier bearing. Now with that said you might have to check the inside ID of the tube. Here are some of the seal numbers and their OD's... Most common as per Chuck D. CR/Napa 11771 2.000" od, 1.1250" id. CR/Napa 11343 2.0040" od, 1.0520 id. National 471763 2.0020" od, 1.0520" id. National 471747 1.9865" od, 1.0750" id. Warn 600991 2.0050" od, 1.125" id.

It gets kind of confusing, but if you measure the housing first, or try to get at least two seals. you can always call Randys ring and pinion for the block off kit... I hope that this helps a little...

Exactly the answer I was looking for! Thanks for the info! I also Notice your a So-Cal guy! high desert here! we'll have to do some wheeling when I finish this rig of mine!