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Clearance question


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Ive got a stock '96 XJ sport...i want to run a set of interco ltb 31-11.5-15 tires for this winter...im currently running 235-75-r15's which i guess r somthing like 28-29" tires...can i get away with a cheap 2" lift to clear them or will i need more clearance?
2" lift will clear 31s. Just don't forget your bumpstops!! You may want to trim just a tiny bit too.
You will HAVE to trim in order to clear 31s. On even road you'll rub when turn and Considerably with little flex. 11.5 wide tires arn't going to help ethier.
I ran 31''x10.5" tires with a 2" RE BB lift on an otherwise stock daily driver 96 XJ, no trimming. I did some offroading, nothing extreme and no crazy flexing(never disconnected the sway bar) with minor rubbing when I turned the wheel all the way over.
I believe RE recomends 30" tires with this setup.
I have 31's on the wife's DD with no lift. The fenders are trimmed and it does rub the lowers at full lock....on stock rims.

You should be fine on 2" and 31's if you either run WJ lowers (don't grab the tire at full lock like stock XJ lowers) or/and aftermarket rims with a better backspace.
I'd get apporx 3.5" of lift and new wheels. With stock backspacing I rub the LCAs. 11.5 wide tires wil rub even worse than my 10.5s(obviously). I had to trim my front even with 3.5" to not run with sway bars disco'd