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BWE Comp Mounts are now available!


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After several years of development, and with the help of many dedicated XJ enthusiasts, we are proud to announce the release of our BWE Comp Mount! :party:


Basic design introduction:

Combining two components, the Comp Mount is a hidden winch mount and sector shaft style steering brace, all rolled into one! Designed around the Warn 8000lb series winches, the mount tucks the winch back under the radiator and fans in order to obtain the highest amount of clearance. Doing so also helps substantially lower the center of gravity compared to a bumper mounted winch. With winches sometimes weighing close to 100lbs, the lower it can be mounted while maintaining it's effectiveness will do wonders for off camber stability. Mounting the winch in this location also allows the use of a factory bumper if you want to keep the stock Cherokee look, while also keeping the winch out of harms way. Worrying about getting your winch stolen will be a thing of the past, while also helping to keep the winch in good shape by allowing the bumper to do it's job of blocking weather and road debris. Protect that Investment!


Brace that steering box!

Considering the fact that a sector shaft style steering brace is perhaps one of the best modifications you can do to your Cherokee, we made it an essential part of the Comp Mount's design. Using the same high-strength sector nut and pillow bearing as used in our Ultimate Steering Brace, the Comp Mount effectively puts the sector shaft in double sheer. A lot of rebuilt (and even OEM) steering boxes utilize a bronze bushing as a lower "bearing" support for the sector shaft. Because of this, adding our large pillow bearing design will greatly improve steering feel as well as the durability of the box itself. Not only does this help improve steering feel and durability, but it will also prevent the all-to common chassis cracks from forming around the steering box. This is simply due to the fact that the steering box is no longer allowed to twist and pull on the chassis. Combined with a good track bar bracket and brace setup (Rubicon Express offers a great solution), your XJ will not only feel so much better to drive but will also be immensely more durable.



Included in the kit:

- Main mount
- 2 side tie in brackets (prevents shifting due to side pulls)
- 2 chassis nut plates
- 2 replaceable tie down/recovery brackets (currently will not work with Currie's Anti-Rock SB).
- CNC machined sector shaft nut
- CNC machined UHMW plastic inner fairlead (will work with both synthetic and steel cable*)
- High quality 1-1/4" grease-able and self-centering pillow bearing.
- Full hardware kit
- Full color instructions

Make sure to check your winch dimensions before ordering! Over time we will compile a list of tested winches.

Click here to order and for more information!

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Thank's again to all of you whom have helped me develop this product! :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:
Just curious, what axle is that? Is that a G2 Dana 44 or a pro rock?
I've been trying to email to ask a few questions but never get a response. Are these still being made and are the latest updates in the ones being sold now?
Id like to order some shackles. Do you still offer a NAXJA discount code?