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Ironman4x4fab steering box brace


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I have one of these and I can't keep the stubbie shaft that screws onto the sector shaft tight. I am using a torque wrench and check it frequently. I am wondering if the bearing on the bottom of the stubbie shaft is putting force on it and causing it to come loose. I have a 4.5" lift with Synergy steering gear. I am also wondering if the Drag Link is over flexing causing the stubbie shaft to come loose.

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Haven't seen this on mine. Is the steering box brace bearing lubed and rotating freely? Did you put anything on the sector shaft threads, either antiseize or thread lock? Still using the lock washer? What do you mean by Synergy steering gear? Do you mean their stering linkage?
I put the stubbie shaft on tight and used red loctite on the thread only to have the pitman arm come loose while the stubbie shaft was still tight on the thread. I have tried a new spring washer and am currently using a Nord Lock Washer. Yes using Synergy steering linkage which bolts into the factory location. I have removed the bearing on the end of the stubbie shaft for now but haven't wheeled it yet. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the suspension is over flexing and putting pressure on the pitman arm. I have the long travel OME shocks.

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Kinda sounds like the pitman arm is not fully seating when you torque the stubby shaft. Have you tried paint marking the stubby shaft to determine if its actually loosening?
That's what came off. I used another 2nd hand pitman arm.
When I refitted the 2nd hand pitman arm I turned the steering wheel left to right with tyres on the ground and then retightened the stubbie shaft. I did this 10 times before it seated down.

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Did those teeth come off from the stubby shaft loosening? Anyhow, if you think that you got the second pitman arm snugged down, I don't think there's much more I can suggest.
Teeth in the pitman arm were torn off because it came loose even though the stubbie shaft was still tight on the thread and the red loctite was still intact. Its like the pitman arm stretched but if it is continuing to stretch it should be pulling through which it doesn't seem to be doing yet. Guess I will just continue to tighten it regularly. The stubbie shaft isn't backing off. Maybe its just crushing up on the splines because it is a second hand pitman arm in which case it will eventually lock up. The Jeep does work very hard and very often.

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