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Before SCF, I need to finish....?


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Williams AZ
So....what's on your list before the trip?

I'm in the middle of a big Comanche overhaul, mostly maintenance in preparation for trip and for selling it. This will likely be the last trip with me behind the wheel.

So far....
New portal box seals
Fresh gear oil in portals and different.
Fresh fluid in both transfer cases
Trans fluid and filter changed
Oil and filter change
Coolant flushed
Power steering fluid flush on the hydro
Brake fluid flushed
Poly control arm bushings replaced
Johnny joints snugged up and greased
Pretty much every fluid flushed I guess
New odyssey battery

To do...
Tires installed
Clean it out
Broken taillight to fix
Winch solenoids to replace, sticky
Replace steering wheel, tighten tilt bolts
Planning to paint it...but time may not allow

Probably a few other odds and ends I'm not remembering right meow.

So what's on your to do list?
Might change tranny fluid. Def need to change power steering fluid
lol, I'll be loading all my crap into the Hyundai Elantra. my poor Jeep is going to think that I have completely forgotten her.
At the moment, wash the windshield.
My PS and Tranny are fresh. Will probably replace Diff oil, though.
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