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sector shaft brace


NAXJA Member
annapolis, md
so if i go w/ ram assist steering do i need the boostwerks sector shaft brace im currently using ? i will have a psc big bore box w/ a 1.5 x 6 ram, running 38.5 x 12.5 swampers
Depends on how hard you wheel, but since you already have it I'd keep it on. Having a ram assist doesn't remove all the forces on the pitman arm, plus that cross brace helps to reinforce/tie-in the front frame rails.
I actually did it backwards. I had assist before I ever did a brace. I never really felt like I needed it with assist, but I installed it as a "what if" part. The way I seen it was, if I ever lose engine power and need towed off a trail, I'd like to have it supporting the box.