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You did nat say what rim size but my truck has a set of 275/60/17's and they are about a 30 X 11.5.
Thats such an odd size,why do you want to run it? If you run what everyone else does its alot easier to get a spare off someone!
15" rims, reason I got the idea for this size is because tire replacement time is soon and I'd like to keep the 31" tire height because of speedo gear change snafu (I know, petty reason).

The vast majority of my wheeling is on the beach (Long Island, NY offers nothing as far as dirt and rocks goes) and I figured an extra inch of width is worth more than an inch in height, at least for what I ride on.

Thanks for the fast replies.
depends what your accepted noise level is. personally, i didn't think they were that load, but they weren't as quite as say AT's would have been. other than that, the only problem going to such a wide tire is they kinda sucked in the snow. just MHO
You can get 31x11.5X15 Mickey Thompson MTX radials (at's, on sale for $109 at desert rat). All of the procomp tires are available in 31x12.5, as are a number of super swampers and also mt & at bfgs.
Beez, 6" in the rear, about 5.5" in front.

The 4.10's will be going in hopefully by the end of the summer, will this be close to stock gearing with 32's?

Don't want to start cutting fenders, but I don't do much off-roading that involves disconnecting the sway bars anyway, so maybe fender rubbing is moot?!?

Mike, you definitly have enough for 32's if you want em.....

I know you have an auto, in which case I might suggest 4.56's.....

you still have karma, don't you?
4.10 will work fine....

I do believe 4.56's is the better combo with an auto though.

You have no idea how much I didn't wanna say that, cause I don't want you to second-guess your decision on the 4.10's....you already have them, so it almost doesn't even matter.
Beez, I have a practically unused 31" spare, I might as stay with that size, especially given the fact (I think) that with an ls you need exact same tire height or some sorts of problems will arise.