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235's or 30's for xj with 2" BB?


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Right now I have 225/70/15 street tire and their almost worn. I have a Rusty's AAL BB and was thinking of putting on 30's. Then I was told I might get some rubbing? I do 95% on the street and tow a trailer sometimes. When I do go off roading there are some large ruts and will need the ground clearance. I'll never disconnect the front or rear sway bars......

If anyone has a clear side view pic with either set-up could you please post it or send it to me? What should I do 235's or 30's?

BTW, this is the BEST XJ site! Thanks for all the help!!
(I suppose I should respond to my namesake! :D )

Anyway, with a 2" BB you should be fine with either tire. As a matter of fact, I routinely ran 235's on all my stock trucks (trailering and off-road as well) with no issues at all. In a pinch, 30's would almost work on stock as well (some light rubbing on flares at full stuff and turn), meaning that you shouldn't have any issues at 2".

Sorry, no pics though.

Mike in NJ :patriot:
i just took the 30's off my 99 XJ last week..(they were for the trail rig anyways) the only rubbing i got was when the rear flexed and stuffed the wheel up inside. and also on highways when a bridge gives you a good bounce.. a BB will give you plenty of clearance for them... i ran 235's on my 89 a few years back and never rubbed even a lil.. think i'll get some GY wrangler AT/S's in the 235 flavor when fall rolls around.. thems some fine tires.. good luck!!!
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i got 30x9.5 BFG ATs on my rig and she is bone stock.....just a little rub at full turn......there really isn't much height difference between the 30's and 235's in the bfg ats that i can tell....if you are concerned about it go to a local tire dealer and ask him to bring you one of each size so you can compare....Merchants tire and auto did that for me and i went with the 30's....I can get you pics of the 30's on my rig just send me your email address.....


Me 2 years ago at the NAXJA NAC BBQ...2" BB with BFG 30x9.5 AT KO's...

No rub disco'd untill I mounted the Bullbar and winch.

{note to self...HOLY CRAP...look at the differance in 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
Both my friend Erich and I run 30s on stock '88s. I get minor rubbing of the tire on the lower control arm at full steering lock, but no other problems. Sidriptide's 30's are mudders, which have a much blockier tread pattern, and his XJ is the new body style. Looked like his rear axle sat a bit farther back in the wheel opening and the tires hit the lower training edge of the flairs on compression -- I've never had that problem with A/T type tires.

In sort, IMHO 30" tires with a 2" budget boost is pretty much an ideal combination.
There are differences among tire brands. It isn't a black and white question. There will be other factors to consider as well, such as backspacing of your wheels, shock length, flex of the springs, etc.

I ran a 2" OME system with the old style BFG AT on factory steel wheels with no rub up front when I had the sway bar connected and mild non-destructive rubbing when disconnected. The rear rubbed the inner wheel well at full stuff but again caused no damage. The new BFG KO's did rub the LCA's at full turn but again didn't cause any harm.

I agree with Eagle, 2" and 30's are great. Go for the 30's. If you have any rub issues they will probably be minor and require little if any steps to correct.


A pic from the "Therapy" archives.

30"s will fit stock no problem like most said and i've done it on two of my Xj's in the past with no problems at all even with the sway bars off, no more than a lil harmless rubbing. If they fit great on stock suspension i dont' see why you can't put on 31's with 2" of lift if you never take your sway bars off and its mainly for on the road.

Eric, you're right but you won't see as much suspension articulation. I ran 31's with 4.5 and still rubbed with no cutting...granted they were INterco's and they run true to size...

TOZOVR said:
Eric, you're right but you won't see as much suspension articulation. I ran 31's with 4.5 and still rubbed with no cutting...granted they were INterco's and they run true to size...

Ahh, but you have a new body style XJ, and they have more of a problem in this regard than the old ones. Also, you're running aftermarket wheels with less backspacing than OEM.

I think Ed Stevens' web site has a write-up on tires & wheels that concludes you can actually run 31s on a stock XJ (old style).
Everyone, thanks for your input! I'm going to install the 30's.....now I just need to wear these 225's out a little faster. hahaha