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Selling my 1988 Cherokee XJ Laredo


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Irvine CA
Selling 1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ Laredo
inline6 4WD with AW4 T&np242TC

Engine runs good, just changed oil and filter, not sure if rebuilt
Frame no rust
Durango Steering Gear Box with brace
ota track bar and crossover steering from bk fabwork
3 inch lift with Bilstein shocks
new RC adjustable upper control arm
sway bar quick disconnect
33’s BFG tires with JL rims
Factory Dana 30, 35 axles
New front wheel hub, RC ball joints, CV axle, axle tube seals
Front Lunch box locker
new water pump, 3 row aluminum radiator
replaced new alternator, battery 1 years ago
New head and A pillar lights, and front and rear dashcam

Have Wyoming plate and bill of sale with last owner's signature, but unable to be transferred at DMV, and ask me to contact DMV at another state which did send me replacement title. Probably need bond title or just off-road only. Also need VIN verification due to lost dash VIN. The VIN on firewall matches the title.
Transmission have some problem, it runs but have rough shift at 3rd and 4th gear, probably need rebuild or replace.
Lost speedometer several weeks ago due to a gauge problem, other gauges work.
AC Heat only
Old exterior and interior

Asking for $2500 Feel free to come and check. OBO
Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1109675143595375/