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2008 event calendar


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I was thinking of posting to the forum for suggestions on runs people would like to do this next year. We have a few things planned already (geostashe in August and Fall Fling in October), but it would be good to have an idea of where we will be going each month and maybe an idea of what weekend we want to do it. I would also like to incorporate the U4WDA spring run (May 3) as well as their fall run (Nov. 1) into the schedule to both save us some trouble as well as encourage the IC's representation at these events. What do you all think?

Jan. Pony Express
Feb. Dunes
Mar. Hole in the Rock
Apr. Moab
May. U4
Jun. Price
Jul. Hobble Creek/Wallsburg
Aug. Geostash
Sep. Skyline
Oct. Moab
Nov. U4
Dec. 5 mile pass
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Good idea. That really only leaves 6 months or so to plan.

Jan. Pony Express?
Feb. Dunes
Mar. ?
Apr. Moab
May. U4
Jun. ?
Jul. ?
Aug. Geostash
Sep. ? NPLD
Oct. Moab
Nov. U4
Dec. Christmas party?

I know NPLD is in there somewhere too. I think Sep.
Looks good to me but I think you should think about bagging a spring Moab run.

Get more people interested in going to Fall Fling. There are plenty of other places we can go.

I would also think about doing another American Fork camp out. They have been popular in the past.
I think no Moab in April, focus on the fall fling. I think it will build the anticipation and make more people want to go.
I'm still planning on going! I agree this should not be our official run of the month. By the way, Utah Offroad and Outdoor Club is running the Pony Express Run all the way to Wendover on the 26 of January. We have been invited to run with them if we want to.
That would be a good way to get a trail taken care of for the month. I have to work that day, but I will support the decidion if that is the final vote.
Let's do it. I can be there to make it official. By the way, there seems to be some interest in the trails thread about going to hole in the rock. I'm interested in going as well. How would you feel about making it an official run?
I would like to go to Moab in the spring as well. I think if anyone was to have to choose between going in the spring or the fall, the obvious choice would be the event with the give away XJ, so maybe it wouldn't detract from the fall fling attendance at all. I myself am attending both because I can't get enough of Moab.

Maybe we should just plan it for Thursday through Saturday and offer only 2 trails per day.
I would still like to go and am planning to go( if the boss will let me). I really think that having it as an official run will not detract from Oct, but we will have a small turnout for Apr as everyone will be saving for Fling. Course Hole in the Rock isn't much farther! LOL I hope U4WDA will get their schedule up soon so we can plan those runs into our calender.
I'll add Chris' schedule to the first post and we can update it as we decide what we want to do for each month. So what other runs are being suggested that we would like to include?

I really like the suggestion of Skyline drive. We could make it an overnighter with a campout at Joe's Valley.

I also would like a trip to 5 mile pass to help satisfy those with an itch for something more hardcore.
Wasn't there a guy trying talk us into going down Price way a month ago? I don't know jack about the area, but if we could get him to step up and plan a couple runs, I think we could have something that would work.
Hey, what do you both (are Ryan or Chris still hanging around here anymore?) think of the schedule above?
I like it, but we need to have a showing on NPLD which is scheduled for Sep 27. So I would suggest making the Sep run early in the month. The big question is, are Brian R or ProGun going to be ok with it?
ROOK1 said:
I like it, but we need to have a showing on NPLD which is scheduled for Sep 27. So I would suggest making the Sep run early in the month. The big question is, are Brian R or ProGun going to be ok with it?

Yeah, we'll definitely schedule NPLD.

I think the only run ProStelinda would be happy with is one that involved fleeing from his predicted downfall of society.
I think Hole in the rock still sounds like a good idea, but what about doing that instead of Moab in april......just a thought. Also I think that we need a BBQ in june or July again. Also I like Handlebars idea of the GPS thread, although I have no idea how to do anything technical on the forums to make this happen... Also are we still going to get together with the old BOD or even just the three of us. Breakfast somewhere before somebodys baby pops out and he cant assaciate with anyone for 4 months? I think that we could start to get everything set in stone.