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Soup Bowl is officially closed.


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had no clue! I think it is just temporary ?

2016 FOTR Annual Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2016

Meeting called to order at 1015.

FOTR and RTF Board member introductions made.

Guest Introductions:

• Supervisor Michael Ranalli – Thanked us for all of our efforts in the pursuit of getting the CAO lifted.

• Amy Granat – Managing Director of CORVA.
o Says everyone in the state is aware of what FOTR volunteers have accomplished.
o Amy educated state groups about what the wheelers do for the trail and access.
o She attends meetings to ensure proper representation in forums / meetings and gives FOTR & RTF a voice.
o States the knowledge gained from our work on the Rubicon is helping trails statewide.

• Vickie Sanders was unable to attend, but her report was given by John Arenz.
o Park Watch – is a means to report problems with trails within the county. For 2015, there have been 160 reports, but none of them have been concerning the Rubicon.
o There are grants out for safety and education as well as ground operations.
o Helicopter work (outlined under Projects for 2016)

• Kansas McGahan was unable to attend, but report of Grant work planned was given by Eric Agee and John Briggs.

Work completed in 2015 within Eldorado County:

• Kiosk deck was completed. Special thanks to Jerry Reffner and Kent Kaiser.
• Ellis Creek campsite improvement project lead by Shannon Chard, with special help from Brian Mulhollen, Matt Farley, and crew.
• Pearse Umlauf with JJUSA donated helicopter time and flew in additional toilets to the Buck Island.
• Placer County Crawlers completed construction of the toilet structures.
• Assist AAT clubs as follows:
o Tim Green and Robert Lightfoot – worked on erosion issue just before the bowl.
o Mark with TDO – worked to move a lot of rock for erosion control.
o Foresthill 4 Wheelers – put in a gabion and moved a lot of rock to save a piece of trail between V-Rock and Arnolds.

Work completed in 2015 within Placer County:

• John Briggs led the Sierra Stompers in lining the discharge of the energy dissipater just below Potato Patch.
• Jeepers Jamboree led a work party hardening the bottom of Cadillac Hill with 2 pallets of concrete.
• Took pictures in the ongoing effort to get the E-Loo placed at Observation. TNF is working with John Briggs on this
• Identified missing signage to be replaced.

Adopt A Trail Update:

• All of the trail segments have been adopted
• County put together a very useful Power Point for the AAT Clubs. After a year of lessons learned, it appears to be running much more smoothly.
• Jeepers Jamboree advised they did not receive their packet, and John Arenz will take care of it.
• The county would like to have a representative go with the AAT Clubs to ensure we are all on the same page and performing the work as they intended.
• FOTR is still a resource to assist with manpower for the AAT Clubs. It was asked that during the Spring Assessment, consider and develop a plan if you need FOTR help. Last year, we had several AAT Clubs needing FOTR help on the same weekend at the end of the season. We have not scheduled any planned work parties for September or October to be able to assist the clubs.
• Spring assessments are due by July 1st.
• Fall report is due by October 31st.


Ken Hower reported that 10 years ago he stated coordinating getting FOTR members to sign up. We now have 122 members. Due to these numbers, we now get a household membership for only $30! Many examples of cost and benefit were discussed. This coverage is not limited to the Rubicon Trail.

Ham Radio:

• John Arenz states there will be another Ham radio class in June. Date to be determined. Info will be posted on Pirate 4x4. You can email him with your desire to attend. [email protected]
• No major changes in frequencies. If you have a radio that has not been programmed in several years, CALCORD now has a PL of 156.7 on Tx and Rx.
• Remember to renew your Ham license with the FCC. They do not send reminders in the mail. Good for 10 years.
• Discussed the Mt. Rose Linked Repeater system. Covers most of NV. Great coverage from Truckee to Tahoma. Have scratchy coverage as far as Bear Camp (just before observation). Then have coverage in the Springs and up Big Sluice. Benefit of this is there is an ARES net every day at noon. So if you are alone and no one hears you on the 805, the Mt. Rose is another option. 147.150+ with a PL of 123.0
• You can find the 805 and the Mt. Rose repeater on the website: Broadcastify - Listen Live to Police, Fire, EMS, Aviation, and Rail Audio Feeds You can listen from your computer as a live feed. Radio Reference may be another source.
• KA6GWY 146.8050 MHz El Dorado County SAR Repeater for the 805.
• Sierra Nevada ARS - Mt Rose/Peavine Linked System for Mt. Rose.

RTF Property Update:

• RTF has a signed agreement with RTP and are meeting with the county to get access to the property documented from the Rubicon Trail.
• This will require a .33 mile section to be improved for safe travel to the FOTR Main Camp on the RTF property.
• Work party to do this is planned for May 21st and 22nd.
• Back up date if there is too much snow will be June 11th and 12th.
• There are 4 main projects to be done and Rusty Folena and Ken Hower are the Leads.
• They have 20 volunteers so far, but are in need of 40. There was a sign up to volunteer at the meeting.
• RTF will be providing meals for the work party weekend.
• The goal is to complete all 4 projects in an attempt to get the property opened for use this year!
• Ken is setting up an electronic signup sheet or you can contact him directly.
• They are needing the following material to hopefully be donated:
o 100’ of 3/8” rebar
o 80-90 sacks of ready mix concrete
o Tie wire
o Chain link fencing

Email List:

• Reminded that all FOTR members should be on the FOTR Mailing list, not just the Leads list.
• Leads list should only be used for logistical planning to keep from overwhelming general list.
• Asked that everyone goes into the settings and change the “nickname” to your real name so everyone knows who is speaking. Email address and Pirate names is not preferred.
• Ken Hower will send out a screen shot of how to change the nickname.
• If you would like to be added to the General or the Leads list, send an email to [email protected]
• Ken Hower will add a link to the FOTR webpage so it is easier to get put on the general email list for new members.


Working with Matt Warden to get more FOTR shirts out there. Details will come out once the logistics are determined.

2016 Work Projects within Eldorado County:

• May 20-23rd work on the RTF property access.
o Details of this covered under the RTF Property update.

• Helicopter work will be performed the week of May 23rd – May 26th and will be flying out of Gerle Creek.

• They will fly in additional toilets to Buck.

• May 24th material unloading at the Springs Bridge.
o Need 8 strong volunteers to station east of the Bridge at the springs. They will be flying in 14 pallets of concrete and other supplies for repair work to be done on the bridge.
o Flying in 2 pallets at a time. There was much discussion on how to best unload it. Thinking is to use 1 ¼” plywood and a pallet jack. The wood can be then used for the forms.
o Concrete will be double stacked and tarped at the bridge.
o John Arenz is the lead on this portion of the project.
• Also on May 24th, need 4 people to help fix winter camp.
o Putting down chain link fencing and anchoring in place.
o The helicopter will then fly in rock to raise the level of the trail at Winter Camp.
o Will need safety spotters to keep trail users clear during the rock drops.

• Yet another project for May 24th at Soup Bowl
o Soup Bowl is officially closed.
o They are flying in concrete to harden the bottom of the easy line.
o The idea is keep the hard lines hard, and to harden the easy line.
o This should prevent silt from going into the water.
o Shannon Chard has a sign-up sheet for this.

• June 16 – 19th Vickie will need help staffing the booth at the Eldorado County Fair.

• July 16th – Raise the Kiosk at Wentworth and Tree work.
o The intent is to prevent water damage to the Kiosk.
o Shannon Chard is the Lead on this.
o John Arenz needs a few members with winches to help drop some trees.

• August 23 – 25th: Soup Bowl Project.
o Concreting to harden the easy line as discussed above.
o John Arenz is the Lead.
o John and Kent Kaiser will discuss what concrete should be used.

• Bridge Work
o Dana Holland will be leading work on the Bridge project itself.
o At this time, he doesn’t need FOTR help.
o As soon as we have a date for the project, it will be put out for trial impact purposes.

2016 Work Projects within Placer County:

• Surveying by the county to align with the scale and scope as the work done in Eldorado County.
o GPS points were already given to them, and will be used to assist in this process
o May need FOTR help moving survey team, and possible logistical support. TBD.

• Will conduct a hydrological survey to identify BMP’s needed and ones that can be changed. This data will help us in the planning of 2017 work to be done.

• Work to fill in a 60’ mud hole sometime in August. John Briggs to lead.

• Clean out all 7 of the Arizona Crossings.

• Clean out the Energy Dissipater just below the Potato Patch.

• County to replace missing signs along the residential streets from Hwy 89 to Trail.

• TNF working on sign for the drop off to the Trail from Barker Pass. FOTR to install

• Discussed getting a large granite sign made like the other trail markers to indicate the drop off to the trail. RTF is interested, but will need to see if we can get the rock from Placer County. May be difficult to get the rock from El Dorado County for use in another county, but will continue to look into it.

Good of the Order:

• Placer County DOT has been pushing 10’ steep bank of snow across the entrance of the trail. The trail is open year round. The county says there intention is not to block the trail, but make it hard for less capable rigs to get in and result in rescue situations. This could cause a hazard for those on the trail trying to leave. Supervisor Montgomery has been advised and John Briggs is staying on top of this issue.

• John Arenz reminded everyone that the 10th Annual TOTR Show and Shine and Swap Meet will be held May 14th at the lower theater parking lot on Placerville Drive. It runs from 8am until 2pm and the raffle will start at 1pm. Glad to report the Ice Cream Truck will be there!

• John Arenz advised the Placerville Polaris will be having a Show and Shine on April 30th at the Eldorado County Home Show from 10am to 5pm. Here’s a link: http://www.placervillepolaris.com/wp...hine-flier.png

Presentation of 2016 RTF / FOTR Awards:

Given a framed certificate and a challenge coin with FOTR on one side and RTF on the other. “Two sides of the same coin.”

Gordon Mott
Craig Lemon
Jerry Reffner
Kent Kaiser
Bob Casebeer with White Trash Brigade
John Briggs
Brian Mulhollen
Julie Reffner

The 2015 Awardees were also given the Challenge Coins.


Tahoe Lead – John Briggs will be continuing on unopposed.

Trail Boss – Shannon Chard ran unopposed.

Congrats and thank you both for your time and commitment to the Trail and FOTR!

Meeting adjourned 1145 with pizza provided on RTF behalf from the Pizza Factory Placerville.

I’d again like to thank everyone for their support this past year and look forward to continuing working with such a great group of people.

I’d also like to thank the American Legion Post 119 for the use of their awesome facility!

Eric Agee
It is there in the meeting minutes just hard to find. They are pouring concrete at the base of the easy line to prevent silt from getting in the near by Creek.

As said in the meeting minutes they are keeping the hard line hard and the easy line easy
Soup bowl has a easy line ?
That's a bummer for this season. But glad to see someone has the trail's and our best interests in mind to keep the area preserved and open to public.

This. Well put.

Also I read the minutes a different way. Could it be that soup bowl will not be officially closed until May 24th?
This is what heard. I'm hoping this is the way it plays out.

Yeah, I am praying to the rock gods this is the actual case, and that this wont lead to permanent closure.

Not this affects me since I wheel like pussy and bypass soup bowl .
Well looks like I can't make potato soup this year.
I an still going around because I am on 33's the new 31's.
I signed up to help work at soup bowl during the FOTR work party on the 24th. Is anyone from here volunteering to help maintain the trail? There are events going on all weekend and into the week. Should be a good time.

The link to sign up is at the top of this page if anybody is interested: http://www.rubicontrail.org/rtf-fotrmain.htm