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U4WDA BOD Minutes June 2011


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U4WDA Minutes 06/30/2011

In Attendance: Matt Westrich/ Lisa Rasmussen/ Jack Johnston/ Ron Tolman/ Joseph Colasanti/ Mike Johansen/ Bob Medley
Conference call: Jeff Stevens/ Don Black/Tacoma White

A call to order was done.

Minutes for May:
§ A motion to accept the minutes as written for May was made and seconded. The vote was taken and was unanimous.
General Announcements:
· Don Black said that their Spring Ride on June 11 went pretty well but there were no northern Utah folks present. This was not as well advertised as it could have been. We will try to do better in the future to get the word out.
· Old School Rock Crawl in May was a success. The Teraflex show brought in 20 new members and $650 in donations.
New Business Members:
· A new business member is Apex Machining as Dave Burgess has sent us $100. Sarge will give him a call.
· Another new business member is Torque. Jim Jackson and Levi Chase both have an ad in the newsletter.
New BOD Members:
· There is a new BOD member tonight and he is Joseph Colasanti. A motion was made to accept Joseph as a BOD member and as the new PR Director. This was seconded and unanimously voted on.
· Don Black would like to resign in the position of Land Use Director as he feels that he is not devoting as much time to this as he feels the position needs. He will continue in his efforts in SW Utah. This was voted on unanimously. (Thanks Don for all your hard work keeping us informed of land use issues in the state of Utah.)
· There are still positions available such as Activities Director, Land Use Director and Central Utah VP.
Upcoming Events:
§ Old School Rock Crawl: This coincides with the fair in Delta. This is August 5-6 and will be put on by Craig Stumph. U4 will have a booth there. It is kind of a “run what you brung” event. The last Old School drew quite a good crowd. We need volunteers to help us this year at the booth and with judging. Also if we can contact our sponsors for some donations, that would be very much appreciated.
§ TakeBackUtah: This event will be held on August 20th and will start at the Fairgrounds, go up to the State Capitol and then be over in less than ½ hour. Sarge suggested that we get a booth there so that we can hang our banners. The firstsuggestion was to give Take Back Utah $1000 for the booth. This motion was discussed and the determination was that we spend up to $500 for a booth and this will be determined by what TakeBackUtah needs. We will need booth help and sponsors for this event.
§ NPLD: This event is a nationwide clean-up of the public lands and will take place on the last Saturday of September (9/24). All over the state of Utah different OHV users will participate in cleanups of the public lands. If you have any ideas of areas that you and your clubs would like to work on, contact the BLM in your areas. Let U4 know where those areas are. U4 will continue to work on getting sponsors and then we will be getting specific NPLD shirts and get them out to all corners in Utah. Ron Tolman will get with Sarge on the cost of making new shirts.
§ SERVICE PROJECTS: Jeff Stevens indicated that Moab is very HOT. They have been working on Metal Masher and the Moab Rim as well as the LaSalle Pass. Friends for Wheeling is working on a NPLD project. As far as Coyote Canyon, it is still there and there is not much news to share about that. Everyone who has an idea about a Service Project they would like to pursue, please contact the Forest Service in your area, plan it and let U4 know so that documentation can be completed and sent into the state.
Land-Use Update:
· In Cedar City, there is a special recreation land use area that Don has been working to keep open. In Kanab, the Hog Canyon area is still one that he is working on. They are trying to get a management plan for the area resurrected and they need to put pressure on the BLM to get on with it.
· Ron Tolman went down with a group of guys on June 18th and they got 50 miles of roads mapped. He is getting reports weekly and will post an update on RME about the progress of this project. One of the fellows to contact is Dean Bullock at the Suzuki Motorcycle dealership and give him a heads up about what the issues are and he may be able to help.
Treasurer’s Report:
· Ron Tolman has been doing a great job. There was an $1100 income donation from Teraflex which included $676 in cash and 20 new members. Our total is $23174.85. Ron will send a thank you note to John Williams and Greg Miller for use of the Miller Motorsports Park. There are so many people we depend on to help U4 and we do not recognize them enough.
· Our Blue Ribbon coalition dues are now due and they total $100.
Membership Director Report:
· No membership report at this time as Gary was not here to report. We did get some new members from the last few events.
Webmaster Report:
· Steve Edmunds was not here to report. He will start to work on it but he will be out of town for a little while (getting married) and then will start to help us better in the near future.
Quartermaster Report:
§ Quartermaster Sarge reports that we need to order more shirts, vinyl and paper stickers, and a new trifold. Sarge will work on this with Tacoma. We need to get the artwork and Ron will also give us some price breakdown.
Compass Update:
· They are working to get a mock up ready for the e-newsletter. Tacoma indicated that 13 advertisements will pay for it. He will have this done within a week. We will need to have as many people as possible write small stories that can be included in future editions of this e-newsletter,
Vice-President’s Reports: the VP reports will be put on the forum so the clubs’ activities will be on the website.
All VP’s are to put their reports on the forum for all people to be able to read.
Jeff’s is posted on the forum already. Central Utah report is that there really is nothing much going on except that Richfield is working toward having their county fair and the off-road course. Otherwise everyone is busy with work and getting their rigs put together.
Delegates Update:
Blue Ribbon Coalition- Jack reported BRC will put together a Utah update. This goes to Jack and will be posted. We are encouraged as board members to get the word out such that every club gets this information. It is a very complete update. To get clear-cut information, go to www.emerycounty.com and www.sanjuancounty.org.
USA ALL-No report as we do not have a representative.
United 4-Wheel Drive: Todd was not here to report.
OHV Council: Todd was not here to report.
Additional Business:
· The office manager for Jason Chaffetz is Sherrie Winder and she is the one who works on grants. This is just a bit of information in case we need it.
· Jack will post up on the forum his thoughts about SUWA and the Wilderness Society. Someone famous said that when you are working from a position of strength do not compromise because that dilutes that position and that strength.
· We probably need someone closer in to be an additional signer on the checks. Lisa will be the additional signer. Jack will get in touch with her to make arrangements to get the signature card signed.
· WeROC wants to use our mailing list to get the word out about their events. A motion was made to let them use our e-mail list so long as they use Constant Comment. We will get a booth out of it at their events, they will advertise for us, and there will be many more spectators at the Miller Motorsports Park.