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2003 Moab T-Shirt Design? Let's see it!


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We've discussed this before, but since the T-Shirt sales will be used to generate funds to help support the event, albeit a slim profit, why don't we show the folks what they are buying? Perhaps they will buy more? Chewy needs more grease rags........:D
Unless, of course, the design is lame and then this will hurt sales........... guess the pressure is on the shirt designer to crank out a sweet one for the NAXJA crowd. We should have a contest to see who can design the best looking logo for the event?? We've got to have some graphic design, artsy fartys talent within our ranks?
Just thinking out loud here.........
OK, wise guy, come up with something. :rolleyes:

Do you really think I'm going to do a community approval for the shirt design? :eek:

Seriously, if anyone wants to work on the design, get with me. I don't have the time to do a bunch of work on this, but I'm willing to let someone try as long as you're willing to do the work, and accept my suggestions. It needs a simple event name logo on the front (pocket size), and a full color graphic on the back with the event name and an XJ in a Moab type setting. The shirt company has their own graphic design shop, and can put out a good product, and it's very easy for me (I promise my rig won't be on the shirts this year). :D

Anyone interested?
I may work on somehting but here is a suggestion for those that do: Depict several XJs, an early two tone variety, a wagoneer(4 headlight), a Chrysler era Limited, a post 97 and an MJ. Then of course print marking the event. It would be cool if the sponsors of the event had logos on the shirt too, making it look like a race jersey!

Just a suggestion

How about putting a photo of the "cleanest rig" from the previous year on the shirt? That way everybody in attendence has a say in what goes on next year's shirt and there are no arguments about what ends up on this year's shirt. The people who actually go to the event should choose. It would also be a better reward than whatever that person got last year. Wasn't MJ Dan's rig the winner?
Goatman wrote:

I promise my rig won't be on the shirts
Actually, I think your truck on the 2001 shirts was the best so far.

No complaints here. Reprint 'em with a new date! :D

Mike in NJ :patriot:
Since I cracked open this worm can, here's my view. The design needs to be simple and easy to reproduce. Since this is a milestone event, the idea of using the "cleanest rig" award may not apply, but it is a solid idea. I like the sponsor logo idea too, they may even offset some of the production costs for the free advertising, but someone has to take this project on and make it happen. Richard has his hands full, this I know.

I was being slightly sarcastic (hard to grasp...I know ;) )when I suggested a logo contest, we really needed to start this 6 months ago if we were going to do it.

That being said, if you have the skills to take on this project, I'm sure that Richard would be happy to delegate. Just think of all the glory and fame that this will bring you.............

I guess we could just use the 2001 logo of Richard's rig.......just chop the back off, build a bed, add an inner/exo-cage, new front axle, rear bumper.............;)
One vote against sponsors on the shirt

The people of NAXJA are what make NAXJA great. I don't want a bunch of manufacturers names cluttering up the shirt. In 6 months all I will remember about the event are the people I met and the great places I saw.

Would a JPEG image be usable for the shirt design? Something I can email?
To clarify a little hear, and so I don't step on anyone's toes, I don't put much time into the shirts. So, anything we do along the lines of getting members help on the project needs to be kept simple. I am very open to designs, but I don't have time for long discussions about it.

The company I deal with is very experienced in doing event shirts. They are Jeepers, do all of our CA state assoc event shirts, and many of the individual club events shirts. For 2000 and 2001, I didn't even see the design before I opened the box at Moab, that's how much I trust their experience and design. I say this to let you know that I will have a couple of phone calls tied up in getting these shirts, plus faxing them the final order. They will gladly show me the designs, but they work on a Mac, and I've never been able to open the files that they sent to show me the graphics.

So, we won't have any vendors on them, and we won't have a contest to see what vehicles will be on them. I'm looking for a well done, full color graphic that does the event justice. It will need to be in a format that can be sent to the shirt maker and they will make the color seperations and screens. The graphic will need to look good on lavendar shirts, which is the color we're going with this year. We've had enough grays and tans, time to liven things up a bit......we want these shirts to be memorable. ;)

Oh, yeah, a jpeg image is fine.
i will have a design within about 2 weeks to show you richard.... I have a Unique idea that should work out really cool.
The people of are what make naxja great

In the spirit of the above quote, I vote that we make t-shirts with naxja members on them.....since this is Xjeepers can-o-worms, i say we have t-shirts with his picture on them....
Beezil said:
.....since this is Xjeepers can-o-worms, i say we have t-shirts with his picture on them....

I'm sure Bones has some great Moab shots of Beezil next to an XJ with his pants down......that would look great on a lavender T.......better yet, a wifebeater tank.:eek:
Red dirt shirts.......actually, that could be a good idea. I'll have to see if they have something that is sort of close. The shirt color is still open.........I thought I'd get more flak about the lavender. :D

WANT Flak??????:eek: :eek: :eek:

LAVENDER????? What are you thinking, man?

"Red Dirt" .is a great suggestion from Ted - go with it (if nothing else - to cut down on the lavender-triggered Beezil-JNJ-Scotty witicisms over the next 2.5 months!)


Mike in NJ :patriot:
I don't know it faded this way or if Steph laundered it with the one pair of Beezils undies that he left over the last time he was here but my Dirt Shirt started turning pink.:confused: