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SoCalFest T-Shirt Design Contest

Long and short sleeve will be an option. We will have the same sizes available as last year. Once I get confirmed pricing, I will update our pre-ordering site.
There are two images, the larger design on back and a smaller logo on the front both provided by Grimm. Right now I'm waiting to get pricing back and then we'll setup the preordering system
If we were gonna put a big design on the front, it'd have to be blatant... Like Barney-the-Dinosaur riding in a big purple XJ or something.
Do you have a giant stuffed Barney hidden somewhere? I bet you do!! I could see it being one of your party decorations :wierd:
party decorations...bedroom accessories...who knows what I'm up to out here next to the water....

If someone photoshopped Ferris Bueller shades on that Furry kid, I'd think it was Garrett with his hair all wavy...