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SoCalFest T-Shirt Design Contest

I had one like that I was working on a while back
I wear the hell out of my socalfest 08 shirt. my favorite part about it is it incorporates our chapter logo as part of the design. I am not sure who originally drew up the logo, but I really like the cartoony big tired XJ with one wheel up on a rock .

Glad you liked it.

it's one of my favorite shirts Rich :D I've worn it so much the seams are coming apart from washing it a million times :D
very nice Mike! I had a trick up my sleeve but perhaps I'll save it for later and use this one.
up to you. if the general feel is you want to go with this i'll finish it up later tonight. if not i can't afford to spend any more time on it and we can keep it in the bag till next year or somethin.


let me know (email is fastest)
I'm liking yours, Mike, if Josh etc are cool with it and you can spare the time. I'll let Josh email you though, since it's one of them there Josh-type decisions =)
Josh, whatever you guys decide, put me down for (2) XL!
What would everyone want on the front pocket area? The shirts themselves wont have a pocket. The SoCal Chapter logo or a smaller version of Mike's design?

What color shirts would people want? Black, Forest Green, Military Green (last years color), maroon, red etc?

I'm waiting to hear back from the t-shirt guy
Logo only on front, forest green or maroon. Long sleeve an option?