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Re: IMPORTANT INFORMATION about SierraFest 2006

I was planning on going, but never commited. I guess it was people like me that got this thing cancelled...

Anyway, I have been trying like crazy to get my new rig in order for this run, and it looks like everything will come together in time. If I have the new rig done, I should be okay to run whatever (no lift, 33's, f/r lockers, 4.88's, boatsides, in/out cage thing). Though I question the fordyce crossings sitting so low...

If I dont get it done, I am still down for the Rubicon in my old POS (2.5", 31's, f/r limited slips, been through the Rubicon twice...). Unfortunately, I would have to just run the Con, because there is no way this rig will tackle the harder trails.

Either way, I won't be available until Monday morning, so as long as we can find a reasonable place to meet then, count me in...