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Sierrafest Raffle - Bring money its basically our only source for land use donations!


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Raffle tickets are 20$ each
This is our land use fundraiser for Sierra Fest.

So our raffle this year will have 7500$ in products
- We lost 2800$ total year on year, so were on par to having at best 4400$ in prizes if we did a ton of work. We did more than a ton of work.
-We lost 1400$ from national and another 1400$ from vendors we lost (going out of business, moving, no budget for prizes, reduction in amounts due to covid, etc)

last year was 5800$ in products
year before was around 3600$ in products <- Alan and I started reaching out to Vendors on our own here.
year before that was around 900$ in product national only.

So you can see the dollar amount was going down. If We did not do our hard work, you would have 300$ in prizes this year, national was 300$ in prizes, 5-10 years ago it was 3000$+. So the gap between 300$ and 7500$ is our hard work .

We put an insane amount of work into getting this raffle donations, maybe 5-20 hours a week total for 8+ months straight, its a ton of work.I get denied non stop and its hard to stay motivated, but what is motivating to me is knowing that we can raise the most money we have ever raised if we have the highest dollar value in raffle prizes in combination with our guys stepping up donating money via raffle tickets. So keep this in mind, its not just so you guys get rad prizes, its so we are a club, as a whole, can combine our money into some awesome land use donations, awesome work days, looking into trail adoptions, camp ground adoptions, and anything else that comes to mind.

So I just wanted to remind you that when you are thinking about throwing money into the raffle, we are doing this as a fundraiser, so we can in turn as a club donate larger amounts, do more workdays, take on more responsibility as a club, build more relationships with groups that maintain trails , hopefully adopt hermit valley and maybe deer valley , maintain our NAXJA spot on the Rubicon that I put together, so if you are on the fence between 50$ or 100$, 100$ or 200$ , 200$ or 300$, 300$ or 400$, go with the larger amount. Other than the brand new reno raffle, this is all of our money for the year, so dont think about it like im getting this prize or that prize from this raffle, look at it like im donating X dollars to land use over a 12 month period and this is my donation. So like 120$ into the raffle would be 10$ a month/average for the year, 240$ into the raffle would be like 20$ a month/avg for the year.

Its basically a huge bonus that you get to win stuff for your money is the way I look at it, and with the hard work we do, the prizes are awesome, they are not like 10 single gift certs for 20$, we have tons of items worth over 100$, 200$, 300$, 500$, 900$, etc

I just dont want to be working on this around the clock and we dont have anything to show for it, we are not just doing this so you guys get rad prizes, we are doing this so we can do our part to keep trails open.
Thanks to everyone involved in getting the donations and sponsorships. It’s something no one wants to do and it keeps things exciting for those who think it’s easy.
I know this thread is almost dead, but I couldn't resist chiming in. Thanks for sharing about the Sierrafest raffle and all the hard work you and Alan have put into it. It's amazing to see the effort you've put in to secure such great prizes and help raise funds for land use donations. Additionally, you might want to consider playing the bingo blackout game app as an alternative way to support land use donations. These cash game apps can be a great way to raise funds for a good cause. Plus, they're a fun way to spend time with friends and family while supporting a cause you care about.