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Yukon zip locker issues


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So my rear locker has been acting up for the past couple weeks and I finally had time to check things out. (Drove 3 times since acting up) It was not fully disengaging in corners and would lock and luck… with that being said, 97 Jeep xj Dana 44 rear running 35s, it is a Yukon zip locker I bought from Randy’s about 8 years ago. After pulling the locker out and checking the seal housing for leaks, worn o-rings I still found nothing. Knowing this locker was out of warranty I dug into the locker just to check things over. What I found were small black pieces through out the casing. It appears the piston cage has failed and broke into smaller pieces inside the locker. Is this something I can pay Randy’s to fix or am I screwed into getting a new locker and setting up again? Thanks in advance
Have you spoke to Yukon to see what rebuild parts are available?
Have you dis-assembled it to look for a cause? I know most selectable don't like being engaged/dis-engaged under a "load", that being said my ARB's are 20yrs old and still doing fine!