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Still More Salvage Yard Gold


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NAXJA Member
Been a while since another Renix XJ came into a local yard. When one does, I generally go and pick off a few spares that I can't find through the usual parts outlets.

Today was a small haul but an important one. My speedometer has been acting up for a while. If goes from not working at all (zero MPH regardless of speed), to jumping around quite a bit, to working perfectly, sometimes all on the same trip. I've had it apart several times trying to fix it (typically by adding some lube). It then works for a few days and then starts acting up again. During the Renix years, the speedo is mechanical so only a few model years will work. Mine also has cruise control so the speedo cable is in 2 parts with the CC speed sensor joining them. The last "compatible" XJ showed up like 9 months ago but someone had gotten there first and took the cluster. This time I was quick enough.

So I grabbed the cluster, the short speedo cable, the CC sensor, the center console armrest, the power mirror switch and those small trim pieces that fit over the grab handles. Once I got the cluster out, I gave the cable a quick spin by hand and the needle moved smoothly. The ODO shows 40K miles more than mine so I'll just put a small sticker under to indicate the "offset". I have no idea of the other gauges work properly but mine do so I'll swap the speedo out if I have to. Otherwise, I'm just going to swap the cluster.

Loot 3small.jpg
Dang, that's cool. I need the lower part of the speedo cable. The outer sheathing failed at the bend by the manifold. So I have red plastic tubing from a HF hand pump as a splice for the outer part of cable. Works pretty good as it fits tight over existing cable.

Renix era xj's are few and far between at the PYP anymore
You can take the odometer apart and change the mileage to match your original one. No sticker necesary.
Yeah, I'm gonna "practice" on my old one. If I don't mess it up, I'll 'reset" my new one.