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XBox Live Users

Dont do XBOX live, but do go voer to my buddies place to play 4 player with a 14ft rear projection screen.

Have fun, and don't get too addicted.

I've only ever really liked Wolfenstein, Spear of Destiny, and Halo(I & II).

I have played CS on occassion, but the game moves too fast for me, and I prefer co-op stuff more than vs.

Galaga > * :D
You don't wanna know how long it's been since I played video games :laugh3:
My son Ethan (aka E-Man) goes by Mogular. He's mostly on for Halo 2, Mech Wariors and Sega GT. Forza soon as Dad quits being a cheapskate.

I pretty much stay away from the online play, I get my butt kicked faster than normal. But I will admit it's way cool, playing real time with people all over the place.

Send me a message some time, mines stuck xj. I play forza halo 2mostly but i got the goast recons and nfl fever 2k4 and projegct gotham 2.
-Steve D