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1991 Jeep Cherokee in need of a good home


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Olympia, WA
Hi all,

I haven't posted in a very long time, and usually just lurked anyway. After 22 years of ownership, the XJ is dead. I'm sad. It did it's job and kept my daughter safe when some texting idiot rear ended her. I'm very grateful for that. I had a buyer lined up (the body shop guy) to purchase it so he could fix it. He backed out so now I'm stuck with a salvage XJ that is outside of my skill set to fix. If any body shop guys are interested, hit me up. The cost for a mere mortal to get it fixed is not justifiable...believe me, I tried. I'm looking to sell the entire XJ, not part it out. Preferably, I'd like to see it live again. It has been such a great vehicle for me and my family. If you're interested, shoot me a text or a call at three six zero-four eight one-one four zero one. I can give you more detail but here are some highlights...and lowlights...

*1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo
*~260,000 miles
*4.0L-tired but runs great. I don't ever take it over 3500 RPM to delay the inevitable, but it shows few signs of quitting any time soon.
*AX-15 5 speed. Shifts flawlessly with no weird noises. Spooky at 260,000 miles. What did they make these out of, depleted uranium? What a killer transmission. Luk clutch is good with about 45,000 miles on it and a new flywheel.
*NP231 transfer case. Also works wonderfully.
*3" Skyjacker lift
*12 year old 31x10.50 BFG Mud Terrain's. Somehow these are still so good with 50% tread. Great tires but OLD.
*15x8 aluminum rims
*1996 Dana 30 front axle; 3.55 gears (stock for the AX-15 was 3.07); about 215,000 miles; no issues; painted, new ball joints, new bushings, new calipers about 55,000 miles ago; greasable axle tube end seals; 760x axle u-joints.
*JKS front sway bar disconnects
*2001 Chrysler 8.25 29 spline; 3.55 gears; about 130,000 miles; no issues; painted and new brake assemblies about 55,000 miles ago.
*Bilstein 5150's
*YJ front brake lines for added length and articulation
*Dodge Dakota rear brake line for added length and articulation
*External clutch slave cylinder conversion; '96 XJ shift fork; '95 YJ Bell housing; Advanced Adapters fittings and steel braided clutch line; Slave cylinder is about a year old...hooray for not having to pull the tranny when it went out; master cylinder is about 2 years old.
*K&N FIPK in need of some serious cleaning:)
*Rear sway bar delete
*Brown Dog polyurethane motor mounts...bomber.
*Copper and brass 3 core radiator-this may be in need of repair although it looks like the coolant was leaking out of a hose after the accident. Hard to tell, really...unknown.

The accident was a rear end from a mid '90s Mustang with a texting goofball at the helm. The Mustang was destroyed...boom. The XJ was pushed in to the car in front as a result of the rear ending. The minivan in front was pretty bashed in too. The XJ looks pretty good. It's hard to believe it incurred such a steep repair bill when you look at it. Alas, it's not worth much so, totaled.

*Both rear frame rails will have to be cut off and stubs welded in to place. The damage to the right frame rail is more significant and caused a significant wrinkle in the right rear quarter panel. The body guy was very confident he could pull the quarter panel, work it, and fill it without needing replacement.
*Exhaust and muffler are toast
*Class 3 hitch took the brunt of the damage and transferred it in to the frame. The frame is tacoed around the hitch..hitch actually looks serviceable.
*Rear bumper damaged
*Lift gate (fiberglass) looks OK but won't open...disassembly required to assess whether it needs to be replaced but no evidence of tweakage.
*Front frame rails are tweaked also. The right frame rail will probably need to be replaced as there is distortion in the right front fender. The left frame rail looks pretty ok-ish.
*Front bumper damaged
*Radiator support probably needs to be replaced
*Hood took minor damage. Definitely repairable.
*Fiberglass piece in front of the hood has a 4 inch crack in it.

The entire Jeep needs a paint job after the work is done. Both front fenders need to be replaced due to rust near the fender flares and bottom section in front of the doors. I have new looking headlight bezels from the junkyard but it will need a grill as well, after the accident.

Again, if anybody has any interest, contact me at the above phone number. Text or call is fine. We can talk more then. If nobody responds, it's all good. This has been very therapeutic to write it all down. My family is going to miss this Jeep. It's been so good for so many years. I hope I can find it a good home with somebody that has the skills to restore it.

SOLD! It shall live again:)