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So long So-Cal, hello SEC


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Duck River
Well, fellows, its been great knowing and wheeling with you all, but I'll soon be hitting the trail. I am in the process of buying a house just a bit outside Centerville, Tennessee, a stone's throw from the Duck River. I'll have five wooded acres and a 1200 square foot combination garage and shop to call my own. They don't use the word escrow out there, but the deal is expected to close on May 4, and I'll probably move most of my furniture and stuff out there and establish residency pretty soon after that.

Unlike what seems from the chat like a majority of you, I actually like Southern California, and I expect that I'll miss it. I was born and raised here, and in my youth I spent a hell of a lot of time in, on, and around the ocean, though not so much in recent years. But I just can't afford to retire here comfortably, and I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that I can live in a landlocked state. Plus, I've got a brother in Middle Tennessee, so the choice to relocate there as opposed to some other location with a lower cost of living isn't entirely random.

I'll see some of you all at the upcoming meet and greet before I go. And I hope to wheel with you all again in Moab in August of 2023.
Yes, best of luck! I hope to see you before you take off.


You can't leave.


Or if you do, you have to put your XJ in the hands of another active SoCal member.

Your Jeep is an important part of the Gold Jeep Mafia. It just won't be the same if you leave.


(I suppose I could work through them all)

I will grant you will appreciate the increased freedoms and the improved tax situation. Being in a landlocked state isn't bad at all. You will even get to enjoy seasons.

(Skipping all the way to acceptance)

BTW, I highly recommend you get yourself a chipper/shredder, of at least the 15hp variety. I have about a dozen mature trees, and the chipper/shredder has been the best improvement to my quality of life when it comes to taking care of the property. Note that whatever the specs claim in terms of limb diameter capacity, reality will be about half that.
It's always about half that!
Al, you will be missed. I have a brother and sister in Ashland City, ill be sure to let you know when I'm visiting and we can grab lunch or dinner!

Make sure I get a new number if you change it!
Even though I'm not in SoCal, I've certainly enjoyed the times we've been able to meet, whether for lunch, or at an event. I won't get a chance to see you before you go, but I hope you enjoy your new digs, and find retirement very rewarding.

Maybe I can get to you down south, or you can find your way to HI when we move there.

David Bricker / SYR
Will miss you, hope to make it to the meet and greet and will see you in Moab 2023!
You will be missed Al. You've been a big help to this chapter and we couldn't thank you enough for all your contributions over the years. I hope to see you at the meet up and if I don't I'll have to stop on my way to PA.
That sucks, Al, tho I understand the reasoning. It has been great having you as a chapter contributor and member. And in the unlikely event that I'm ever out that way, I'll look you up. And you have to make sure and let us know when you come back to visit
You'll blend right in!

Congrats! You will be missed.
Congrats, Al, and condolences to us. I declare you a lifetime honorary SoCal Member.
Us Easterners are taking over SoCal, one member at a time.

David Bricker / SYR
Us Easterners are taking over SoCal, one member at a time.

David Bricker / SYR

That is pretty much how it has always been with California.

And yet everyone complains about the Californians moving to their state.