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will high steer knuckles for a cj dana 30 fit a reverse dana 30?

bill hitchcock

NAXJA Forum User
ive got a 2000 xj with a reverse dana 30 and i want to find some knuckles to put on it to do the high steering. is there any knuckles out there that will fit my axle?
The old CJ steering knuckles and FSJ steering knuckles will NOT fit the inner C on xj's. There are some options though. Teraflex makes a new knuckle, WJ knuckles can be used, MORE used to make some sort of a bolt on thing, and I think there are some others making adapters. Have to look around. Jeff
They will fit ;) But its not a bolt on- you must cut off the current inner knuckle and replace it with all CJ stuff - I personally did it but with full size K-5 blazer and fullsize wagoneer parts (better internal hubs and brakes)

Also the issue of the amount of "throw" from the ball joints to the edge of the axle tube the inner knuckle is pressed on must be addressed with either custom shafts or an addition of 1.25" to each side of the tube if you want to keep the OEM length late model 30 shafts... HTH