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dana 30 low pinion 488 on 33.6 inch tires ?


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anybody use the dana 30 LP on 33s running 488 gears just looking to see if anyone doing it almost impossible to find a dana 30 hp were i am

pretty much just trail ride with the jeep not often do i go threw anything too intense, and if a rockcrawl does come I'm I've got a really light foot
will this low pinion dana 30 488s on 33.6 inch tires hold up ?
I'm not running 4.88's but I have ran 33's for over 20years with my 2000 LP!
I run 4.10's with a 4:1 T-case.
don't think they make that tera flex 4-1 t case upgrade anymore too bad cause that's a nice upgrade\
I've got the np231 too
No they dont sell them anymore. In my '95 I used a NP241OR (4:1) with 4.56's and 33's. The other common option is the Atlas!
I've run some metrics that are about 32's on a 4.5 lift with a LP30. 4.10s. regular 231. Wheeled it a few times. Mainly highway miles. No real issue with the LP 30.