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Who's Coming?

I'll toss in a steering wheel and some rebar then so you can spin it easier.

Still a remote chance I will make it, but not looking likely.
need a ride or something?

If you are heading down Friday night I could be convinced (and would buy food/beer/gas/etc in return) but at this point it's looking pretty unlikely. I'm way too broke to be spending money on driving any of my crapcans down right now.
I will be stopping by my favorite (only) beer distributor tomorrow around noon. Does anyone want anything specific from the Southern Tier of New York brought down? I have to drag cases and cases of Yuengling to the west coast; I may as well drag something to PA.

Ommegang, Southern Tier Brewery, Horseheads Brewing, Middle Ages. Depnding on your style, I can make recommendations. They each have some outstanding stuff.

David Bricker / SYR