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Where are you staying?


Only Marble Sharp
NAXJA Member
I will be in cabin #9. I'll be arriving Thursday night, 4/18.

For several events, and years ago, Ethan and I used to catch a lot of crap for staying at Camp Radisson Inn in Barstow. LMAO!
🖕you know who you are🖕
It was cozy.
As of March 10th, all cabins are booked. Lots of tent/rv spaces available still....don't wait too long though!
D-01. I didn't book my site back when I booked Cabin 8 for Sat night HQ, but thought I had ...
Probably arrive about lunchtime on Friday.
Or Not.🕑
Probably sitting in traffic. 😑

Just can't seem to lose that "T". OTOH, that "_" went by the wayside. 🤣