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Wheeling areas - Olympia???


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Portland, Oregon
My sister and her husband live in Olympia, and one of these weekends I would like to get them out on a saturday and do some wheeling.

I don't know what's up in close vicinity to them as far as wheeling goes, can anyone chime in on that?

I was thinking maybe I could round up a few fairly local people to do a small group run out there, maybe sometime in march. 4 rigs or so would be good...

If anyone is interested in helping me put that together, or can suggest close areas, please let me know, thanks...
There's some minor girly stuff down that way, basically just forest roads. You'd have to come North a bit and East some to make it to Evans Creek. That's about an hour and a half. If you're feeling a bit gnarly there's Elbe which would be closer 45 mins to an hour.

I-5 N 20 miles
Hwy 512 E 15 miles
Hwy 167 N .5 miles
Hwy 410E 15 miles
Then some backroads I always forget names to.

I-5 N 15 miles
Hwy 512 E 2 miles
Hwy 7 S until you get to Elbe. 30 miles? or so

These aren't exact; just to give you an idea. Let me know when and I'll try to accomodate.
Isn't Elbe the one they just had to do that big rescue on because it was just too rough right now?

I am not terribly built up, but I do enjoy the more challenging trails, I've been on a few of the black diamonds up at browns. Either would be an ok drive to me, I travel 1hour+ to get to browns anyways...

I am thinking March 24th. That way I could come up friday the 23rd, stay overnight and we could leave from there.

Anyone interested?
Elbe isn't that bad. I watched 4 trucks with no bigger than 33's walk through all of Elbe in a few hours. No winchs and at most one locker. That was last year this time.
I heard this is the worst condition that the Busy Wild trail has been. It can be avoided. Evan's offers a great variety, and better views.

HOWEVER! The 24th is the weekend of Walker and "March Madness" or some craziness. It might be tough to get guys together.
Rock Candy is the only place you are allowed to wheel around here without getting into trouble. The only real thing there is for 4wheel drive rigs is a LOT of mud. Its ok for somthing quick to do, but its mostly for bikes and quads.

Here are a few pics from my last trip.





As you can tell, not many pics of me. So here is a poser shot.


And a video.