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wheel shake


NAXJA Forum User
I have a 2001 cherokee, 50,000 miles. When I hit a bump in the road, I get a shake or bounce in the front, it can be felt through the steering. Could it be the shocks or steering stabilizer? This doesn't act like bad shocks, the shocks feel firm when you push down on the fender, no bounce then. Any suggestions???????????
is it alot of shakes or one hard bump? you might wanna checking all the bolts on the suspension components, mine had a shimmy when hitting bumps, it was from the control arm being loose
Control arms, wheel balance, lower trac bar bolt. Crapped out tie rod ends. I would check everything on the suspension first, if all tight, balance the tires again. or it might be time to replace if they are the ones with 50k on them. Just a thought, Juice