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Wheel bearings?????


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I have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee with the Superior D30 and an ARB installed. From what i understand the outer shafts remain 27 spline (I had the dealer install it that's why I don't know). I believe I have a bad front driver side hub (it is a hub assembly for that year and not wheel bearings right???). Is there a way to see if it is bad, or do you just have to go with your instincts based on what you feel and hear while driving? Also, I want to change it out myself but I have never done a hub change-out on a 4x4. What parts tipically break, what parts should you replace while you are into it, what parts exactly do I need? I have the basic shadtree mechanic Haynes manual, but as we all know there is one version for every year XJ made. It is within my skill level, I just have no experiance. Any help would be appreciated.

Greg Gebert

1999 Jeep Cherokee Limited
4.0 I6
JB Conversions 231HD W/ SYE
Tom Woods Driveshafts
Superior 35 and SUperior 30 both with ARB's
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Im not sure if the 99 is any different from my 92 but as far as i know its the Hub Assembly. Good way to check is to jack up the side that you think is bad and grab the top and bottom of the tire and push-pull and see if there is any movement. Hope this helps.

Also, rockauto.com has hub assemblys for around $100
This is one maintenance item you should know how to do yourself. It is very easy to do with the proper tools. Here is a link to a great tech write up on the MADXJ site. Scroll down to the one for replacing the axle shafts and seals ... it includes removing the hub bearing. The only other thing I'd add to the articke is that you can use a small gear puller to remove a stubborn hub assembly. Make sure you use nicle antiseize on the mating surfaces of the hub/knuckle when re-assembling.


HTH ...

I just checked that website out. Thank you again, awesome instructions. i do have one more question. I am thinking of changing out those seals (depending on how much crap is in the tubes). How hard is it to "hit the whole" when re-installing the shafts into the carrier?

Greg Gebert
reinstalling shafts are much easier than changing front axle seals. we had my axle all apart last week to change pinion bearings. we didn't change the seals out this time but we have done it before. will need to pull carrier to change seals. to just clean out axle tubes, you can weld a steel washer to a steel bar and then use it as scraper to pull crud out. of course pulling it all apart and flushing it out with water would be good, or cleaner of your choice, takes a lot of time though, clean it ,dry it , new seals etc., etc. Scott.