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What are your thoughts on running a spool in the front

Got full hydro?

Well, I'm welded front (same as spool). I believe I'd look like Popeye if I didn't have full hydro. Turning radius sucks hairy beezil nuts too.
Thats what I was thinking,steering will hard on a regular PS set-up.When my ARB is locked-up you can definately feel/fight the steering!
I wheeled mine for 3-4 years with a welded front, steering does suck but you learn how to make it a little better. I broke the teeth off the spider/side gears once, otherwise worked great. Although on my new front end it's all about the ARB. :D
I'd like to put an amendment onto my post. You don't need full hydro if you don't want to go all out, but you will need/ want hydro assist. I've been told from people in the know that assist is stronger than full anyhow.

OneTonXJ said:
Well, I'm welded front (same as spool). I believe I'd look like Popeye if I didn't have full hydro...

LOL instead he looks like Olive Oyl.

I contemplated this for a 44 or 60, but I agree that a selectable locker would make life easier... OTOH usually the upgraded axe will have manual locking hubs, and riding around between obstacles in 2 or 3WD would take a lot of stress off the steering. Most (sane) folks exit the vehicle to size up an obstacle before running it, so locking in & out wouldn't be that big a PIA.

I agree on the turning radius suckage...This is my first season with a locked front, and I can tell the difference on familiar trails, especially on the gas in the mud (where it is probably staying locked) it turns like a river barge.

Consider that the $500+ saved between welded/spool and a good locker can buy a lot of other stuff that will likely be needed in the life of the project.