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Well, I started the 60


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Rocklin, CA
Gary came over on Sat AM (early!) and we torched the bracketry off. Today I diassebled the whole axle. Let me just tell you we are all spoiled by unit bearing axles in the XJ's. I could swap an axle in about 10 minutes on the 30. Taking apart the 60 involves removing the 6 allen heads that hold the warn cap on, remove snap ring and inner hub, remove the lock nut and washer from the spindle, remove the caliper, remove the hub assembly, remove the 5 bolts holding the spindle on, then slide the axle assemble out. Not only time consuming, but grease EVERYWHERE! I guess the whole point of the 60 is so I don't have to break axles, but never say never.

I cut the c off just out side of the weld so that I can press the remaining tube from the c. I also cut 6" from the passenger side tube. It took me almost 1.5 hours on the chop saw to make these two cuts. A band saw would be much preferred.

Tomorrow I drop off my knuckles to get machined for my hi-steer arms. I'll press new ball joints in while they are off. I will send the long side inner to Dutchman (along with my failed 31Spline 9" rears) to have shorted the correct 6" and resplined. These shafts are massive. I wish I still had one of my D30 shafts to lay alongside for a photo comparison.

This weekend I will start cutting my control arm brackets and I should have the first fitment of the axle under the jeep by next week.

totally excited like a little girl,

You are a little girl.

Wow, this all sounds so familiar. Last January I was doing the same thing, except that after tearing down the D60 I put it back together, sold it, and built the D44. Good luck with your project, Sean.

About the chop saw, I learned that you can't go slow. If you cut right through it goes pretty fast, heats up the metal and cuts quickly. If you go too slow it must heat treat the metal as you're cutting, the metal tempers and gets very hard, and it takes forever to cut.......especially on 1/2" thick tubing.

Do you have a Ford or GM axle? How about those monster disc brakes?? :D :D

Richard G
Got the Ford axle. Very big brakes. I am hoping I don't need to change out my master cylinder to push those and the caddy calipers I have on the rear.

[quote:66fe4418bd="SeanP"]Got the Ford axle. Very big brakes. I am hoping I don't need to change out my master cylinder to push those and the caddy calipers I have on the rear.


Sean, AthlonAJ upgraded his stock MC to a Ford E-Series MC and says that its nearly a direct bolt in - only a small bit of reaming out the mounts or something. Just thought I'd pass this along to you incase you have to upgrade. I'm also wondering about the same thing when I get around to building my shiat. BTW, he posted a thread on JU sometime back about it.

HTH. :wink:
Are you still showing up to wheel soon?