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Is 2wd upper control arm mount(on axle)the same on both sides?


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Simi Valley, CA
Replacing my front control arms. Driver side upper arm is pretzeled(bent).

The mount it connects to on the axle end is not much better.

I might cut it off and weld on a beefier aftermarket one. On the 2wd beam axles is it the same mount as the passenger side? Or are they right and left?

Here's a pic(not my axle-but same model) to show you the mount(s) that I'm talking about.

They are the same other than at the base which is ground different for axle tube fitment. I assume you want to use a aftermarket one to make a repair so the answer would be yes.
They are mirror images.

If the aftermarket one is already cut to fit the axle tube then it will be a problem trying to fit it to the opposite side.
You can make the stock one much stronger by boxing the stock ones it would much cheaper the getting new ones , and they would be almost 2x stronger /

Yeah-thanks I might try and straighten then reinforce stock one.
Lower one on same side looks like it broke off completely then was booger welded back on. That one(actually both lowers) I will replace entirely with beefier brackets.

This things been hammered on! And I'm going to hammer on it more!

Sigh...I have it at my mechanic to install the Brown dog mounts. I warned him about not snapping off any motor mount bolts and all went well there.....

Gave him some new rear bump stops to install while it was on the lift.
My rears look like the originals for sure as they look sorta like dust bunnies attached to brackets.

Guy calls me yesterday-he snapped all 4 bolts removing them.....and is having trouble removing snapped off bolts-awesome!