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Brake failure light randomly coming on


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Background to problem:
Was driving and brake warning light came on. Got home parked the Jeep in our pole barn. Checked it the next morning and noticed brake fluid on the ground on the left rear tire. Pulled the tire and hub and found the wheel cylinder to be bad. In trying to remove it do to Michigan rust the brake line snapped. Replaced both the wheel cylinder and brake line. Used a pneumatic vacuum brake bleeder to bleed both the passenger and driver side rear wheels. Started car and ended up pumping brake to reset the brake error light.

Now for the problem:
From time to time if I brake real hard I will get the brake error light on but it will go off if I release the brake pedal and press it again. Note this only happens on a real hard application of the brakes. The car still stops fine, the light seems to have no effect on the braking.

Any idea of how I can get this light off and for it to stay off?

Thanks for any and all help and ideas,
I would start with another wheel cylinder and also check all your flex hoses.
You may also have a mc starting to fail!
The OP didn't state what year but the late years the warning lamp indicates on loss of pressure or a pressure differential in the system!