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Unlocked rear hatch latch - Help needed


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alexandria va
When my jeep was one week old I got rearended - what luck. Now I am having a continuing problem with the latch. It will unlatch with the remote, but not latch. This of course leaves it unlocked most of the time. I am getting tired of locking by hand each time I get out.

Does anyone know a fix?

How would I just disconnect the thing and make it manual if that is the best solution?

What year? How well do the other door locks work? If it is a pre-91, maybe you need to do the electric lock upgrade. Just a little wiring and a couple of relays.
2001 Must be getting power at the lock as it WILL unlock. Thus the problem. Are there separate relays, solenoids, etc. for lock and unlock?
Sorry. No help. The older ones WOULD unlock but not lock or vice versa, I forget which, due to low voltage. There is a fix for that.

Sounds like you tweaked something (duh, I know). You could try adjusting/shimming the latch or latch bolt. I had to do that too on my '90. Don't have a clue for a 2001.
Sound like a bad lock solenoid. Does it make a whinning sound when trying to lock ?. I would pull the trim panel and (leaving it connected) put a test light across the two wires to see if it gets power on unlock and lock.
I have a 99 Sport, bought in 2002. When it was new, to me, I had the same exact problem with my rear lock. I took off the back panel and sprayed/soaked the mechanism with WD40. After cleaning it up all worked like new. Mine must have been gummed up. Been working fine for a year. Hope this helps!