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Trough trail???

I have ran it a couple times in my truggy. It's short and nasty. I will see if I can find some pics when I get home.
If you are scared of body damage I wouldn't run it. I would be willing to run it with you guys if you are interested in my Cherokee. I would recommend lockers, winch, skid plates, and rocker guards.
It's a good trail to combine with the Sidewinder trail up by Kremmling (about 25 miles from Trough).
I wouldn't go less than 33's. There are some rather large rocks on this trail, but with some good spotting it can be done. I had a guy with a 4 Runner on 35's follow me through last time without much trouble. It's a fun trail and both times I ran it we were the only rigs there. There is a really nice parking area for trucks and trailers. It's by the Colorado river and we even caught a few fish while we waited for everyone to show up.
K the pics on traildamage must be misleading cuz it looks less dificult than liberty in penrose. I'll have to snag a look at that trail this year.
It was about a 3 hour trip for us and we ran the optional spur of "Trough Your Rocker". I have never ran Liberty, but from what I have seen if you have done that you will be fine on Trough. I would like to join you if you decide to come up. It will probably be dry enough around the first part of May.
If the jeep is capable by that time I'll be very interested in that trail and let ya know if we do