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New to me 88 Pioneer Wows


NAXJA Forum User
I recently acquires a 88 XJ that has been non op’d since 07. I’ve put about $1200.00 into it trying to get her roadworthy and today it failed smog. High HC and 02 Gross Polluter.

Leak down test and compression test looked fine.
It has a new catalytic converter, 02 sensor, muffler, battery, radiator, thermostat 195, gas tank, fuel pump, most of the vacuum lines have been changed, passed the evap test and visual. Spark plugs did get wet and I replaced the valve guide seals because after changing the Cat I noticed blue smoke. Wondering if the egr valve or one of the other sensors is my issue.

Considering selling it for the $1200 I have into it as I have two other 92 & 94.

Louie from Whittier
What is the overall condition of the vehicle?

If you are seriously thinking about selling it I may have a Varmint who would be interested. And smog hoops are not an issue here.