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transfer case spline count


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I was woundering is the any why to know what the spline count is with out taking the transfer case out. I have a 91 XJ with a 242 tc and auto trans.. I want to put in a 231 tc in from a 99 XJ auto..
I'm not sure on the exact years, but I am pretty sure that the earlier year XJ's, such as the 91, have the 21 spline count, while the later years, like the 99 like mine have the 23 spline count. I'm sure you can find out the exact years if you search here a little or Google it.
Close but no cigar. 21s stopped with the end of Renix and they are all 23 after that.
wont the 99 have a different length output shaft than the 91. you may need to use the driveshaft from the 99 also.