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Cherokee 2001 2wd to 4wd conversion


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I have a 2001 jeep cherokee want to make the conversion to 4wd and I found in a junkyard apparently a 1995 aw4 transmission with a np 242 transfer case, it would work on my jeep? What are my options help
The electronics are not compatible.
Only the 2000-01 trans is a direct swap.
none of the shift solenoids or speedo would work in your XJ if you use the 95 stuff. It will bolt up , but won't work

not quite. The speedo and shift solenoids will be fine but the NSS needs swapping and the bigger problem is the input and output speed sensors and the rotating components that trigger them are not compatible and the housing is not even machined for the input speed sensor to be mounted in it. 95 is a bad match for 98+.

You really want:
98-01 transmission
97-01 4x4 shifter and bezel etc
96-01 transfer case (you can use 92/93ish-95 as well, but personally I don't like them, the wet rear slip yoke is more leak prone, and you'll need a rear driveshaft from that donor year range with the same engine/transmission/4x4/rear axle instead of the year range listed below)
95-99 (ideally, though you can obviously use 00-01) front axle assembly whole
96-01 rear driveshaft from a donor with the same engine, transmission type, 4x4, and rear axle as your jeep
87-01 front driveshaft from a donor with the same engine and transmission type.
two dana spicer 2-70-18x ujoint strap kits (and ideally, a 1/4-28 tap to clean any trash out of the threads in the yokes before installing it.)
depending on how careful you are about getting your driveshafts you may want a pair of 5-153x ujoints to put in your new driveshafts prior to install as well.