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T-case sensor- same for 231 or 242?


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Hey guys, need a new t-case sensor for my 242 t-case in a 2000 XJ.
Looking online and can't seem to find any info.

I can't imagine that the 231 and 242 would have the same sensor, but nothing I'm seeing says if the sensors are any different.

Thanks in advance for any info!
Dirk, they should be different because of the additional contact needed for the part/full time indicator besides the hi/low range indicator.
Talking about the 4WD indicator sensor. Both part-time and full-time modes are lit up on the dash, even though the jeep is in 2WD.

Thinking the 242 should have a different sensor than the 231 since there's no Full-Time mode in a 231...?
Looking online, I'm not seeing 2 different sensors available. Seem to all be showing just one.
Different sensor, different wire plug, 231 vs. 242.

The part numbers should be:
231 - J8134473
242 - 56005755

IIRC, the sensor engages ground to illuminate the dashboard indicator lamps, have you checked for a ground fault, wiring isuues, wire plug problems ?
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Just unplug the switch, if the lights go out it's not the wiring.