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242 to 231 Question


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Auburn, CA
I've got a 1997 automatic with a factory 242 transfer case in it currently. I already sourced a 231 out of a 1998 to put in my XJ. The only thing I'm worried about is the input shaft. I know they are both 23 spline, but it's the length that worries me. Does anybody know if I could simply swap the shaft out of the 242 into the 231? Thats my main question.

Yes, I know the 242 is a bigger, stronger case. I want the 231 for simplicity and bigger aftermarket support.
Should be direct swap other than the shift gate.
Im not sure that rcp is 100% correct. So im bumping your thread so otheres that have done the swap will see and rcp may possibly give a more detailed response.
Thinking back to when we did the swap on my son's XJ, I think we did an aftermarket linkage, and indicator panel. The 231 we put in had an SYE so we had to put a longer drive shaft in. But of course, that doesn't apply to a direct swap.
I should add that by "direct" I wasn't including driveshaft length!
I've done it twice, I did start 1 with a 242 gate but it didn't shift smooth and didn't obviously indicate
For reference....... https://www.novak-adapt.com/knowledge/np-nvg-input-gears/
When you say shift gate, we are talking about the linkage, correct? If so I have an upgrade kit from Azzy's designed for the 231.

That link had a decent amount of great info regarding input shaft length, thank you! According to their chart, whether you have AW4 or AX15 the shaft should be the same short version (1.2"). So as long as that applies for both the 242 and 231 (it should in theory) we are good to go.