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Trail leaders wanted!


NAXJA Member
bourbonnais IL
You know we can't put on this great event without the help of all our friends. We are looking for trail leaders and gunners for red, orange, and green trails both Friday and Saturday. If you are interested in leading or gunning please send me a PM or post up in here!

Thanks to those that have volunteered already!

We still need leaders for green/easy groups. If anyone is interested.
Maybe another for red/hard.
Rew I will do the green group if you need me too. I do at some point wanna do rock face, but other than that I am just coming to hang out.
awesome thanks chuck.

it looks like a lot of people signed up for red/ hard trails on the pre-registration. id like to get another red leader to split up that group a bit if anyone is interested?

were getting close!
I really don't know all the red trails. I will lead a group where we drive around the park and try any hard chit we see
To be honest, it is what I kinda do with any group I lead. Drive around park and find things the group can drive over