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Trail difficulty requiremnts


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Walton, IN
I was looking at registration, last year there was a suggested items list for trail difficulty.

easy stock
Med trails requires 31s and one traction device
hard 33s and 2 traction devices
MI winch, 35s, lockers,

Do we still have this, as i have not seen it this year. Im going MI on 31s again if we have the run at troys available
Good point, we usually have some base rules so the guy who's open on 30s doesn't try to run the tough stuff. Driver skill level plays a huge factor as does weather, so the rules generally are a guideline for the new folks.

I wouldn't want to publicly advertise to people that they can go to MI on 31s, but you've done it, I've been there years ago on 31s, and so it kind of ends up being a case by case thing instead of an absolute rule.

Final call is up to the trail leaders, but I would be OK with posting up some guidelines for folks, or having the registration form give you "advice" based on your selection for trail difficulty.

One of the biggest factors is that on easy trails we'll try to minimize body damage (except rockers - no guarantees), harder stuff people should know what to expect. I think your requirements are a good starting point, if everyone is cool with that I will add something to the registration form about it.
I agree 100%. It's up to the mass decision. I'm ok either way but my first year there were basic guidelines which helped steer me for day 1. After day 1 on medium I was set on running the hardest trails possible.
Easy Stock - possible body damage (rockers if not protected)
Easy Stock - pushing rigs to the limit, protection recommended
Medium 31 MTs and at least 1 traction device
Hard 33 MTs and at least 1 traction device
Mission Impossible -Medium 33 MTs and at least 1 traction device
Misson Impossible -Hard 35 MTs, 2 lockers, winch

This list is on the itinerary that will be released in the next week as soon as I can nail down a few more things on it.
Of course there will be the caveat that the requirements are subject to change due to trail/weather conditions.

Hopefully we will have enough MI guides to run two groups, we will find out when I hear back from Brad Howard.
The reality is that the registration form is just a guide to see how many groups there might be. It usually changes DRASTICLY on game day due to the aforementioned weather and trail conditions. Then if your buddy runs one group, you might want to run with them even tho you signed up for another group on the registration. So we just line them up and try to have leaders that can do their best at leading one trail or another to keep the groups small.

Thankfully, it's Byron's headache ;)
I did most of orange the pre-run day in 4 hi. Because I broke my linkage lol I only got stuck twice one of those times was a log rolled under my diff.
That's the list i remember seeing originally when i first signed up.

I know brad went to 35s so it will be a little tougher following him this year if he leads a group