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Track Bar and mount????


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The ball joint on the frame end of my track bar is toast. I have a machineist friend removing it and putting an adjustable heim on there. Hopfully I'll be able to center the axle back with it that way. Any thoughts here? Has anyone on here built a mount for the frame that is lower? Pictures? With 5.5" of lift how much lower should it be if at all? What about the axle mount end? I had to grind the bolt head off to get it off. What can I do to bolt it back on? How do you get a nut and or wrench in there? That just looks like a poor design to me! Any help and advise on these issues would be appreciated.
I just rebuild my track-bar mounts (axle & frame). I'll try to send you some picture tonight when I get home.
I've modified a couple mounts. the latest one i did i took 2x2 1/4 wall tubing an cut on side out of it to make a chanel then ground down the bottom of the mount so its flat and welded the chanel to it so the open part of the chanel would face the pasengerside an i had also driled the holes in it. you can make it what ever drop you want but remember that it will asct like a lever and try to twist the "frame rail".