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Tie down choices

Engine One Eight

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I come from a ranching background where we tie everything to the trailer with chain and boomers. I'd like a slicker way to tie down my XJ. Is there a strap made to go over the tires that's a better option then a chain over the axle? Recommendations?
I've never strapped over tires on a cherokee, usually tire size changes from vehicle to vehicle and i always preferred a one strap fits all approach.

I use regular 2" fabric ratchet straps and matching axle loops. On a 4x4 I always go around axles, on some other vehicles like my miatas where tie down points are limited, I run the axle loops through the wheels.

I also will only use straps that have positive locking hooks...no open hooks in case something bounces or moves.
Speaking of tie downs, I don't cross strap anymore...
jump to the 1:10 mark

Thank you for posting that.

Matt did a good job showing the difference between the two techniques.

I wonder what the reason is for cross strapping. I know I have done it in order to deal with short distances between axle and D-rings.