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The "Hope I get it done by Rockfest 2010" thread

Here's the last big piece to the rebirth that I didn't want divulge until it acutally was in my garage:

Dana 60 with discs and 35 spline alloys.

Yummy. 35 spline shafts compared to the D44 shafts.

Picked up on Fri, didn't waste any time in removing the previous shock mounts and spring perches so I can mock up under my rig.

Wasn't really looking for a new rear end but this was just too good a deal to pass up. Width and bolt pattern already match so it's a simple swap in. Brakes are all brand new with built in parking brake calipers. It's definately massive, but my rudimentary measurements comparted to the 44 is about 3/4" loss in ground clearance once I do a slight shave. Not cutting off the bottom of the housing (yet), there's just a huge lip that can easily come off and make the bottom smooth. I'll see how that works out first before going gung ho.
If you go gung ho I want to be there to watch before I go gung ho on my 14 bolt. And 60 if and when I find one.

Nice Rig I like the chop top. Cut my first XJ like that but got rid of it before I got the chance to build it.

Good work, keep it up!
Thanks! If you haven't already, check out the Ballistic 14 bolt shave thread on Pirate.
Have to say that kit is way cool. I really don't want to get into cutting the housing at this point so I'll see if it's an anchor or not first. I plan on going to 37's anyway so I'll get the clearance back.
I think ive seen it i saw a really good one on pirate by Tripod. he shaved 2 and a half inches off turning into an 11 bolt. and was going to use the ballistic diff cover priced at $90. I think he ended up just making his own cover though. But your right the kit is nice.
Im hoping to go to 37's as well.