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Stroker Info.


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Greensboro, NC
I have a customer that has requested we build him a stroker motor for his 88 XJ. We have several Renix motors and HO motors in rebuildable states. What is the best combo,formula to use when building one?What will be needed to complete the job and where is the best source for parts we will need? Will there need to be any maching on the head surface or block to accomadate the crankshaft?Any help would be appreciated......
My first two questions would be, 1) what is his/her expectations for the motor (Power, reliability, etc)? and 2) what is his/her budget?

For the 88 I would probably stay with the Renix system, as you won't have to R&R engine controls etc.

As for what combo to use, the best is the long 4.0 rod and custom forged pistons, but again it depends on the budget and expectations.

Best source for parts would be Mike at Accurate. His prices and service are hard to beat. I have never received warm and fuzzy feelings from HESCO.