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spacers vs long conrol arms


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hey i hava 98 xj with 6'' lift. in the front I have kinda short control arms and a coil spacer... whats the diffrence between having a long control arm lift and having coil spacers... and if i want to have a bigger lift should i get longer control arms or more spacers or both?

long arms dont change you lift, they give you longer control arms... better ride, more flex

spacers arent real lift either, get longer springs
Quick answer, longer control arms work in conjunction with longer springs to locate the axle in the correct position after lifting it with the lift springs. Coil spacers are used either as a boost to the lift that longer springs give you, or provide all of the lift in smaller lifts. If you want a taller lift, research it first. 6" is plenty of lift for most people. Combined with fender cutting, you should easily fit 35" tires. Why do you want more lift?
I doubt your lift kit utilizes the stock lower control arms with 6". In a word, that would be 'bad'. If you already have all of the other modifications necessary(*) to run 35's on 6", then adding an inch or two with coil spring spacers might not be a bad idea. Look into a long arm kit if you are into that type of thing, or drop brackets. Adjustable lower and upper control arms are not a bad idea at high lifts like yours.

*longer shocks, extended brake lines, slip yoke eliminator, upgrades axles, beefier steering, better brakes, or rear discs, etc...
not sure what youre asking....but long arms arent going to make your jeep any taller. they are longer, and mount further back, therefore giving you much less-steep angles which equals a smoother ride and more wheel travel.

the coil spacers on top of your coils should NOT be stacked. thats just ignorant.
buy longer coils if you want more lift. or buy some ACOS to replace the coil spacers with. anything over 6" id definitely reccomend long arms or control arm drop brackets. HTH
JAGx1414 said:
oh yea ok.. wasnt thinking i saw a lift kit with long arms and no spacers.. but coils were longer.. soo get new coils
Give us a little more information about the rest of your rig and what you plan to do with it. You'll get better advice.
beej i sent you a mesage
my control arms are not stock i have streaing arms so thats fine. im rnning 33s .. my flex is pretty good and my tires stop before they rub cause of the rubber stoper thing
JAGx1414 said:
i have disc brakes in the front but drum in the back..
so does damn near the rest of us. could you restate your question a bit more clearly
are you confusing long control arms with longer springs?
No offense, but how did your jeep get lifted 6" without having knowledge of coils, coil spacers, control arms, and "rubber stopper things" (bump stops).
Heb80 said:
No offense, but how did your jeep get lifted 6" without having knowledge of coils, coil spacers, control arms, and "rubber stopper things" (bump stops).