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On behalf of the NAXJA Board of Directors, I present you the SoCal NAXJA Chapter.

Make us proud of y'all.
With Sequoia & MJR at the top of the list. PROUD my not be the word your looking for WOODY. Hahahahahaha Im kidding guys. Let show them what were made of.

Robert :anon:
What du ya know bout thaaat!!

I guess that really makes us really real !!
Thank you very much Woody !. So the forum name will now change to So Cal Chapter. Thanks to all on the national BOD !. Stay tuned everyone.
Did some one say RUN?

Hey Wrong Way. Trail Run!
lol........ For most part, I'm tied up till mid June... but I am being tempted by the prospective idea of the Sunday of the 3 day weekend :) :) I will post something next week I hope :)

Well I'm glad to hear that we have become reality! Thank you NAXJA BOD and most importantly everybody here in Southern California who showed interest in a NAXJA chapter!

I agree that we should get something together as soon as we can. We'll figure out the date in a bit, I'm not sure I can get something going until June myself (I'm going to be in Washington, D.C. next weekend, and have some plans for Memorial Day weekend, but I think I can make sure that the weekend after that is free).

More to come, oh yeah!